Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Artist Residency

So..... The project is well and truly underway. The tent has been shipped, the vehicles have been bought, the cast have been chosen and the pre production admin is well and truly a major part of every day. The new web site was launched last night - so feel free to check it out here: The Great Australian Bite-sized Circus The other exciting news to do with the show, is that this morning, Luke and I were offered a residency at the major circus space here in Brisbane to develop the first core acts of the show.

One of the struggles of being a performing artist is finding the aerial rigging space, crash mats, stage space and indoor juggling space that can be used to develop new work - for us, today this was solved! Flipside circus offer the residency and it just so happens that there could be no better place to develop the show - we paced out the performance space.. and what do ya know- it is EXACTLY the same size as our ring, and the rigging point is at EXACTLY the same height as the top of our tent!
Another nice touch to the residency is that it was named after one of Australia's most inspiring circus people - Reg Bolton.. He also happened to be my very first circus trainer.

I can't wait to start working on the show, but first, we have to take a wee detour via a festival fire show with Will-o'-the-Wisp! Later this week we fly away for a few days to revisit a lovely little festival near Braidwood, NSW. I will be sure to put up photos after the gig :)

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