Thursday, 26 April 2012

Poster day in Orbost

One of the first things that the circus has to do when we come into town, is get the word out that we are here. This is one of my favourite parts of tour as it means *shock horror* we have to find somewhere nice to sit down, write on our posters, sort our fliers and work out the best route of distribution.. That is right folks, it is coffee and muffin time!

It wasn't hard to find a friendly wee bakery in the heart of Orbost, and within a few minutes, we were scribbling away on shiny, bright posters and enthusiastically devising a plan to get them out and about.

I don't know if I have ever yet encountered a town where people are so eager to receive us. As a result, we are all itching to get the tent up - we can't wait to do a show!

With the council being a little difficult, and our grounds now being a swamp - we have made a back up plan to do our show at the North Orbost Primary school if need be.. stay tuned!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Our first day in Victoria..


 We have just crossed the border into Victoria and will be setting up over the next week here in Orbost. So far it has been an exciting couple of days.. welcomed by hail, drowned in drizzle, and then nearly arrested as it seems that the council forgot to alert the rangers in the area that a circus was arriving! They turned up with the police and threatened us with $12,000 fines for 'camping' until we waved paperwork in their face. Hopefully things get a little better from here!

Our new show dates and times have been announced.. Wish us luck everyone, I think we need it!!


Orbost, Vic

Forest Park
Friday 4th May - 6:30pm
Sat 5th May - 2pm
Bairnsdale, Vic
Howitt Park
Friday 11th May - 6:30pm
Sat 12th - 2pm AND 6:30pm
Sale, Vic
Scout Hall oval
Fri 18th May - 7pm
Sat 19th - 2pm and 7pm
Traralgon: Venue TBA
Morwell: Venue TBA


Monday, 23 April 2012

Show day in Cooma

The warm sunlight was streaming in through the caravan windows as I stumbled into consciousness. the distant sound of tractors and the piercing squark of the local birds told me that it was probably time to get up and get ready for the show.

I opened my eyes slowly. Less than a meter from me, and directly above my head was the soft fury familiar face of a huntsman spider almost the size of my hand.. goooooood.

I mumbled to luke and gently peeled myself out of the caravan pod. Luke edged away in the other direction while i found a mug to catch our new friend and return him to the trees outside. He was quite well behaved for a spider and was easily caught and removed - now on with the 'normal' things like hand stands, tutus and of course, a cup of coffee!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A happy hoopy Eve - Photos from my hula hoop routine

I love my circus boys but can someone please donate a sense of direction or maybe a GPS?!

It was a fine evening at the Cooma showground. I had been left to mind the first load of circus stuff - the caravan, the circus toys and the food.. really, it is all of the good things :)
I was just sitting down to drink some peppermint tea when I received a phone call  form the two boys with the tent trailer..

It seemed that instead of following the MAP in the guys ipod, (or ya know, consulting their memory from the previous two trips down the same road) they thought it would be a better idea to just tootle on down the same long road for ever and ever into the darkness.. past all the street lights.. out of the city.. down long windey roads to the farms of yonder. Only when they arrived at a tiny one lane bridge did they think that maybe.. just maybe they ought to re-evaluate their route.

I say all of this with love, but I have never come across two people so able to get lost! They are fine if it is just one of them, but put them together and it is one big magic mess of wrong direction!

I might just add that two hours later I heard from them again.. the car was on on empty and they still had 15km to go.. oops.