Monday, 19 December 2011


It is a funny thing trying to organise something from the ground up. Especially to those of us who are used to flying. I had heard tale of adminis-trivia nightmares but never had I truly experienced it first hand.

Even the simplest thing seems to have to involve 10 different people, all of which greet me with that glazed eyed look at the mention of something as obscure as a circus. Then I promptly find myself forwarded on to some other member of their department!

I was greeted with a particularly amusing attempt at booking some grounds recently.. it went something like this…

Phone Shire Council
Shire council informs me that I have to send an email
Write detailed email about what is needed, including when, where, what and with all booking info.
Email is returned 2 days later with only one line.. "Who did you speak to on the phone?"
Email is answered by me
Email is returned saying "Please phone for this kind of thing"
Council is phoned again, this time quoting email
Phone call is passed around 5 people in the office before returning to the original callee.
Callee states that perhaps I should put all the info in an email!

..Honestly.. The hoops they make you jump through-  All of this is enough to make a girl run away to the circus!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Web site updates

The web site for the circus is gradually taking form. More photos are going up each day, and behind the site, the show is starting to progress too. We are two weeks into our residency and acts are really starting to come together.. No time to chat now though! Visit the site and see for yourself.. We'd love to link exchange with you too, so feel free to email me if you are interested. :)