Thursday, 17 November 2011

Music at the Creek 2011

This week, I had the amazing pleasure of performing over two perfect days at Majors creek, Music at the creek folk festival, NSW. My fire troupe performed a duo and a trio show for the festival, pulling a huge circle of spectators, and winning an applause to remember.

The show marked the premiere performance of the sparkling new show "Flame Eccentric" - a piece that was developed mainly by Luke and I when we lived with Circus Avalon in Newcastle earlier in the year.

The show is based on new beginnings and uses the legend of the phoenix as inspiration. Our performers walk the audience through a journey told in fire with contact juggling, fire fans, flaming hoops, ladder balance, fire staff, and fire club manipulation.. Basically as far as fire shows go - this one has the works!

Jerry Everard took some wonderful photos from the show and I have posted most of them up on our troupe website for Will-o'-the-Wisp Flame Arts

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