Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wake up call - Day 2

There was a loud CRASH on the windows of the bus- I awoke with a start and glanced over at Luke - "yeah.. you'll get used to that" he said.. Apparently that was the standard wake up call for the circus - the bosses would send who ever was awake charging aground the lot yelling and crashing on everything they could find.. it seemed to ignite a sense of delight in whoever was given the privilege - maybe because it meant that on that one occasion, they didn't have to be woken by the un-nerving racket themselves.
We were up and about in minutes, shoveling spoonfuls of cereal into our mouths, and getting ready to set up for the matinee show. Being a Sunday, there was only a single show.. a single show and my first tent-down, that is.

Damian, the ringmaster slowly ambled toward me, he mumbled something about pre-show and stilts, which roughly translated as an invitation to perform walkabout entertainment for this show. It would be too hard to integrate me into the full production mid stand, so I was lucky enough to be eased in gently! I obeyed, and costumed up, then looked around for somewhere high to sit while I put my stilts on.

..I was way to early. I had been excited about coming to the circus for weeks and was so eager to perform that I ended up sitting on the trucks with my stilts on for nearly an hour. Damian walked over to me again - this time with company. The press had come to cover the circus and it seemed that I was conveniently dressed for the occasion. Luke and I were asked questions about our careers in circus and invited to pose in front of the tent.. The newspaper featured us on the front page with a huge heading "Magic of the circus brings Jugglers, Clowns and Aerialists south"

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