Saturday, 1 October 2011

Woop woop

"Woop woop - it sounds like a celebration.. It's not.. It is a cruel lament" Luke Forrester

Woop woop in Australian slang refers to that place that is in the middle of nowhere - so  far away from civilisation that the sight of a corner shop or another person is something to celebrate.. That is where we ended up for this stand..

We pulled up in Thangool with the assistance of a relative of a friend of a friend of Johns.. It seems that everything here at this circus relies on that sort of kindness, and owed favours. This town consists of one store - it is a fuel stop, a general store and a post office all in one. There is also a motel which doubles as a pub, and a second pub a little further down. The life of this town appears to rotate around these three venues. Lets hope the circus can pull a crowd from it..

We only moved about 11km down the road from Biloela, but out here seems just far enough to be totally out of phone and mobile internet range.. Oh no… Four. Whole. Days. Without. Internet.. *Ghasp*
In our horror of this discovery, a few things occurred - Luke went all analogue and started writing a journal in an actual notebook, The two boys ran screaming in terror to the nearest pub to drown their woes - and I resorted to eating honey sandwiches. Oh what is the world coming to..

..actually I just walked a k down the road in the blazing heat hoisting my mobile phone high above my head in desperation of finding one bar of reception.. and have been rewarded for my efforts with this brief moment of interweb contact *breathes a sigh of relief* Hello world :)

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