Sunday, 10 November 2013

The day after tent-up..

*eve monstor claws her way out of bed and staggers towards the coffee* ahhwwyygjghkkkkk! This morning I am a pile of aching limbs and blisters, tangled in the wisps of matted hair. I got up in the middle of the night to consume a meal three times the size of anything I would normally eat. I think maybe I have lost just a little bit of conditioning since the last time I did tent :p Remind me to never take time off again!

Somehow is this state of crazy aches and pains, covered in bandaids and with every part of my back strapped, I headed in to Woden Valley Festival for a four hour set on stilts. It was a perfect day for it, the storm even stayed away until after pack down.

This is our tent all decorated for the festivities, standing tall, behind me in my fav stilt costume (today with added gloves to hide the blisters!)

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