Thursday, 25 August 2011

Show time!

It was a 2pm show, so as mid day approached, the energy levels of everyone on site increased. The ticket van was a buzz. The extra generators were switched on and the sound system roared to life with pre show music. I had clambered atop of one of the trucks to put my stilts on before the photo shoot, but now the time had come. Moments later, I was walking high above the hoards of local Wanaka townsfolk awaiting the show.

At the end of the second half, as soon as the audience started trundling out of the tent it was time to pull it down. Dance shoes and sequins were thrown aside and replaced with hard wearing gloves and boots as one by one, the other performers joined in with pack down, it was all hands on deck.

High winds prevented us from fully packing down, so we got the seating and walls away into the trucks and paused for dinner, tomorrow was ordinarily a day off for everyone, but instead of this - it would be an early start, hit head on at a running pace with sledge hammers blazing. Good morning from Circus Aotearoa.

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