Thursday, 26 April 2012

Poster day in Orbost

One of the first things that the circus has to do when we come into town, is get the word out that we are here. This is one of my favourite parts of tour as it means *shock horror* we have to find somewhere nice to sit down, write on our posters, sort our fliers and work out the best route of distribution.. That is right folks, it is coffee and muffin time!

It wasn't hard to find a friendly wee bakery in the heart of Orbost, and within a few minutes, we were scribbling away on shiny, bright posters and enthusiastically devising a plan to get them out and about.

I don't know if I have ever yet encountered a town where people are so eager to receive us. As a result, we are all itching to get the tent up - we can't wait to do a show!

With the council being a little difficult, and our grounds now being a swamp - we have made a back up plan to do our show at the North Orbost Primary school if need be.. stay tuned!

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