Sunday, 22 April 2012

I love my circus boys but can someone please donate a sense of direction or maybe a GPS?!

It was a fine evening at the Cooma showground. I had been left to mind the first load of circus stuff - the caravan, the circus toys and the food.. really, it is all of the good things :)
I was just sitting down to drink some peppermint tea when I received a phone call  form the two boys with the tent trailer..

It seemed that instead of following the MAP in the guys ipod, (or ya know, consulting their memory from the previous two trips down the same road) they thought it would be a better idea to just tootle on down the same long road for ever and ever into the darkness.. past all the street lights.. out of the city.. down long windey roads to the farms of yonder. Only when they arrived at a tiny one lane bridge did they think that maybe.. just maybe they ought to re-evaluate their route.

I say all of this with love, but I have never come across two people so able to get lost! They are fine if it is just one of them, but put them together and it is one big magic mess of wrong direction!

I might just add that two hours later I heard from them again.. the car was on on empty and they still had 15km to go.. oops.

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