Saturday, 27 August 2011

Two new stars, and dinner for 10

The lights flickered on in the pre-tent as a fine mist engulfed the site. Paddy, the circus cook was pottering around in the chuck wagon, carefully preparing the diverse range of dishes for our mis-matched crew of gluten free, vegan. vegetarian, and meat eaters. Amazing smells wofted across the lot as a few cast members congregated around the caravan.

Damo walked up and Paddy cheerfully informed him that dinner was ready. Luke and I started ferrying dishes out to the pre-tent and placing them down on a side table. Damo stood by us, and without warning erupted in a call that would have frightened an angry T-rex into submission.
"Ouch do ya have to? Mike wandered, jestfuly nudging past the boss. "Oh hey Eve, do you like Damian's dinner call?" He grinned, This was another thing to look forward to every meal.

It seemed everyone understood Damian's unintelligible vocal hail, because moments later the pre-tent was alive with activity.. Dinner, meeting time and the official welcoming of Mary, our new silks and slack-line performer, who had arrived earlier that day. She and I would be stepping into the ring for the first time tomorrow.. We were both super excited.

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