Thursday, 25 August 2011

Coffee and a day off

It was 10am and the sun was streaming through the windows of the bus - I opened my eyes. 'Coffee' I thought. The word echoed through my mind as the only thought that held any sort of coherence. This was followed shortly by the delight of finding Luke snuggled in beside me. He opened one eye and gave me a half smile, "Coffee?" he whispered. We smiled

Three neat parcels of packed down tent nested in the grass. The mountains around Wanaka framed the skyline of our circus, as we stood outside, dazzled by the sunlight on the steps of the bus.  It was decided that coffee in town was needed as David had smashed the coffee-plunger only the week before. We let the boss know, and headed off-site.
..David, for your reference is very good at smashing things, and is responsible for the distraction of almost every wine glass the circus owns and an array of other assorted glass objects - oddly enough, he is also the only one of us that quite happily will eat the glass of wine - including the glass itself - hold on to your light bulbs everyone, and don't let him near the china ware! I pondered on this for a moment before noticing that all the crockery plates had been replaced with plastic camp plates.. I giggled a little.

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