Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Too many clowns in the chuck wagon!

The chuck wagon.. in some ways a focal point of the whole circus - we all try to cram in there to scrounge for breakfast, we all queue up in there for the chance to boil hot water at night time, and for some reason, no matter who is on clean up after dinner - on a saturday evening, the entire cast end up in there to make the clean-up process an all out nightmare!

I frantically tried to get benches cleaned as one by one the cast descended on the caravan kitchen. There was a loud chatter behind me as Briar and Nick who were in a playfully argumentative conversation, set up the stereo. After much station flicking and plug-swapping, it  was turned on- firmly establishing the chuck wagon as the party venue for the evening.

David charged in and wedged himself in the corner with bottle of beer shortly followed by Mary who waltzed through the door with a merry grin "TOO MANY CLOWNS IN THE CHUCK WAGON!" She hollered, raising her glass high.. This ignited a chorus of silly voices and echos from the rest of the cast.

I was not sure how many more people we could fit in this tiny carriage..But while at circus school, we got 12 stilt walkers in a phone box once.. so anything is possible..

Eventually Mary and David vacated the chuck and Nick wandered off behind the caravan. He too, was on duties. Briar looked at me and smiled - I hadn't talked to her much and she was the only member of the cast that I hadn't met previously. She stood there for a moment playing with the stereo and then looked up with a fit of horror.. "Is nick on Drying!! Then I must be on Dishes!" She stared up at the roster and then vanished in a flurry of ginger hair and tiger stripes.

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