Friday, 2 September 2011

Marketing mission!

The clock struck 8AM and the circus burst into a hive of activity! Fences were rolled out, Pegs were being thrown down in a huge circle, Mary was standing on the top of the pole wagon handing down the wind poles and side poles and Damo was yelling something that may or may not have been understood by whomever it was directed towards.

Paddy, Les and I were racing from one end of the lot to the other in a flurry of posters, fliers, clip boards and free-give away circus tickets. Les was training me up as one of the promotion girls so I was handed a new red and black Circus Aotearoa T-shirt, a pile of posters and we were thrown into a small volvo and handed a cup of coffee.. Off to Te Anau!

It was a long drive through some of the most amazing views I have seen of New Zealand so far. We were deep in "Lord of the Rings" territory and we had to stop to take it in. A huge gorge loomed by the side of the road, with a small drive in loop. We all just stood and stared in silence at the amazing site before us.

We got in to Te Anau just after lunch and stopped in a small cafe for some food and to sort out our posters. Les and I took armfuls each and headed out in opposite directions to ask every single shop in the town if they could display a poster. Paddy headed off to the library, police station and city council to deliver fliers and finalise the booking on the lot.

We trawled the town, people were excited about the show and most took posters. There were two older ladies that ran a small wool shop at the end of the main road, and they got so excited that they put up three posters and started announcing to any customers that walked through that they had just met a real trapeze artist and that now everyone had to come to the show! (I might have.. um ..snuck them free tickets.. they were just so excited, it seemed necessary!)

I was met at the edge end of the street by yet another amazing view - mountains and water and so much.. green! I heard a car horn, and there were Paddy and Les pulling up behind me, it was time to head home - perfect timing!

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