Thursday, 1 September 2011


The tent was down on Sunday afternoon, and Monday was spent wandering through the tourist centre of Queenstown. Luke and I had a special meal out by the water. It was a treat to be out and about. We stopped into a little chocolate cafe on the waterfront where we were gifted with free coffees! The girl behind the counter recognised us from the show, and had loved the performance.

Luke and I sat at our outdoor table and watched the goings on of the normal world. A busker played a lively guitar on the corner and joggers periodically flew by, involved only in their own steps and the headphones in their ears. We placed our empty coffee mugs down on the rickety wooden table turned to make our way back to the circus.

Moving day came around again so quickly. This week, I was to be in the first round of people at the next lot. They always sent one person ahead to wait for everyone else, so that they could have the trucks watched while they do the second and third trips. David had kindly offered an accommodation swap for a few weeks so that Luke and I could have a caravan.. so we moved all our gear and away I went.

An hour later, surrounded by forested mountainous ranges and sparkling blue water we circled up to pitch our stand. Cromwell was the next stop, an odd little town by the river with a stubbornly quiet population. It is a little bit magic watching the circus roll into town. A convoy of red and yellow trucks and vans lumbering through the town centre. Children wave and cars toot their horns.. that's right folks! The Circus is in town!

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