Monday, 26 September 2011

What not to do..

We have just started with a touring circus called "Eden Bros Good Time Circus"
They tour all over Queensland in a traditional old tent, and still supports old fashioned circus acts with animals. I have never worked on a tent with animals before, so this has been a whole new experience.. Luke and the monkey have made friends.. and by friends I mean, the monkey cheekily tries to undo all the ratchets holding the tent together as fast as Luke hooks them up - it has also been known to take a swipe at him out of fun!
Me? I get to play with llamas - actually, I fib, they are alpacas but they get introduced as llamas for some unknown reason.. I have also had a few interesting moments with the goats..

For today, I have two tips of what not to do on your first week with a circus in hot northern QLD..

#1 : In the pre-show haste of hunger, spill the honey jar all over the self and the costume.. then stand backstage in a massive ant nest..

#2: Turn your back on a goat while in a conversation with someone - especially not when wearing a long tasty skirt!

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