Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spiegel hoopings

Hoop video link

So... I have been away from the blogging for nearly 3 months. We came back to Canberra for a break after the Glastonbury tour, and took up with a Spiegel tent show that was passing through. We were not working as performers for the show, but we traveled with them to Newcastle and then on to Sydney working as ushers and helping to crew the isles.

While in Sydney I arranged with the Stage management team to shoot a new video of my hoop routine. I brought in an amazing Stunt film/TV man - SYNiMAK - who did a beautiful job putting this edit together of my routine. The full video  is up, so feel free to check it out - I'd love to hear feedback. :)
By the way.. Tomorrow we drive to Perth! (4000+ km!!)

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