Saturday, 1 October 2011

Photos from the first two weeks at Eden Bros

Today we are opening in Thangool, QLD - I have a little time before the show so I thought I'd upload some photos from the last week or two..


  1. So in order of photos:
    The first two are from my hula routine in the first half of the show last week in Biloela, Then the alpaca is "Fergil" he is only 7 months old, and travels with the circus as part of a petting zoo. 4 is the poster from the show, 5 is fergil again, roaming around the trailers getting up to mischief, 6 is the tent, 7 is Luke perched on his ladder by our caravan, 8 is the frog that gave me a massive scare by hopping at me when I was in the shower! and the last one is the tent, ready to be pulled up for the show here in Thangool.

  2. The girl in the firs two pics have the excellent gymnastic body. The ring trick is not easy to perform, but she is doing it superbly. Flights to Bogota